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Friday, September 05, 2008

Why Do Even The Best Forex Trading Systems So Frequently Fail ?

So why do a large number of Forex Traders eventually fail? I was a failed trader, and here is why...When I started forex trading (many years ago now) I really believed that I would soon be dragging in the cash. Forex was, after all, a giant online marketplace where someone like me could hardly fail to make good easy money. I had done my research, and I understood that over 90% of forex traders quickly fail, but I never believed for a single second that this would happen to me! If I took the time to study the best forex trading strategies and assiduously avoided the pitfalls, I'd soon be a top forex trader!I put my money into the best forex training course I could track down, it was wholly dvd-based, and cost me $4500. There were about 14 hours of good quality forex instruction, and useful software applications, free forex signals feeds, all set up with my user names, passwords etc I also got a forex spread-betting account. That was very attractive - I could use tax free trading!I also got bonuses like permanent access to the writer's own web site where I could connect every afternoon and review his daily reports. I could study his trades and hear his explanations (and sometimes his excuses), and learn how many pips he had made that day. He usually made around 22 - 35 pips - most often trading the GBP/Dollar market. My reasoning was that anything he could do, I could do too! This was going to be very easy!The forex course covered every facet of trading, including preparation to trade, keeping records, no-money paper-trading, as well as the psychology of the forex trader. I carefully watched the entire dvd set which took me about two days. After that, I watched some of the dvds again, mostly those covering actual forex trades and particular forex techniques. I was ready to begin.So I logged into my spread-betting account and put in some funds (about $4,000). I didn't mind tying up that money for a few days - I was already dreaming of fast motors and fast boatsThat was over 3 years ago. Do I now have that Mercedes or the Ferrari? Sadly no! Have I made a fortune? Well not yet! In fact I've lost some money - well lots of money actually! I haven't lost confidence in the forex market as a vehicle to make money online, I've met too many forex traders who make good money. I know it's possible, I've seen it done many times. I wasn't doing it though - so I blamed my system!I stumped up even more money, I invested in the best web-based forex trading systems - after I had very carefully studied their testimonials and seen that other traders were making some serious money from them. I also bought even more books. Forex trading books, forex training books, even books listing and reviewing forex systems. I even bought another forex training course and some financial guides, I studied day-trading systems next to longer-term trading systems - I was totally determined to succeed in making money in forex trading.Did I at last succeed? No! But at last I began to think about what my problem was and why I've failed so appallingly. I began to think that I might be the problem! It hurts a lot to say it, but I really think it could be me.I had begun to realize that my own trading methodology was letting me down. Even when I used a tried and tested trading system, I still managed to lose money. And for a very long time, I hadn't even recognised it. So I did yet more research.I now learned that it is possible to obtain a winning forex-trading system for not much money at all, and that even one of the top courses can cost surprisingly little. There are a whole range of inexpensive forex resources and training available online. It is nearly possible to totally set up to make some serious money in the online forex markets.But what did that nearly mean here? What was missing? What was the difference between a winning and a losing trader in the forex galaxy? Who else could I speak to about learning how to be a successful trader? I soon had that question worked out!I was forced to conclude that it really was me! Once I took the blinkers off and admitted to myself that I am not even half as smart as I thought, I quickly identified a whole barrow-load of personal deficiencies that were effectively slowing my progress - (very painful reading they are too). Words like concentration, honesty, dedication, self-discipline, resolution, they all came to my mind. I didn't use enough of any of them!I had got my hands on yet another book - well booklet actually. It was free (and worth every penny). It came as a bonus when I bought some trading software through my favorite forex trading software web site. This little booklet didn't attempt to tell me anything about winning forex trading systems, it dealt entirely with the secret ingredient that is missing from the mental toolbox of many forex traders, and is probably the reason why the majority of them lose money. (Come to think of it, it's missing from the mental toolbox of traders in most other financial markets too).What did I learn by reading this booklet? Well - I learned that the problem really was inside of my own thick head! Like many forex traders I am totally unable to stick to the systems I have learned, and which I know do work. That's why I continued to fail. Luckily my new bookl not only confirmed where my problems lay, it also showed me a variety of very easy (and obvious) ways to solve them. I'm starting to trade profitably now!As a thank-you to the site owners, I've taken their little booklet and re-written and expanded it, and handed it back to them. They are still giving it away free to purchasers of anything from their site. The book is called The Missing Link, and as I said, it's still free and still worth every penny
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