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Friday, September 05, 2008

Forex. Some Pros And Cons As A Way To Create Wealth

Forex, as a way to create wealth is my least favorite method of all. Having Said that I shall try and do my best to give the method an unbiased appraisalThe reasons Forex is not popular, with me, are largely built out of my own insecurities, as a wealth creation method builder. Do not take that as a slant on forex at all. But I will begin this paper with what sets my alarm bells ringing first off
The fact that there is no one body, or organization, responsible for clearing all forex trades, trading practices, trading houses or otherwise scares me a little, no, actually a lot. This aspect alone, for me, lends ultra high risk to Forex as an investment. Essentially it means that if you go down the proverbial gurglar, for whatever reason, there is no come back. No one can be held accountable by a governing body because there isn't one. Not globally, not inter state nor inter country. The very nature of Forex, being an over the counter transaction as it were, (I simply walk into a bank and buy or sell) this means also that the exchange rate, whatever it may be at one shop (read Bank) may be different from another shop (read Bank). In practice this means that the prices are very close together, but remember that successful forex profitization ( new word) is about trading in VOLUME. 0.1 of a cent fluctuation may not sound like much but attach that to $100,000 and you soon start to realize (or lose) a hundred dollars.So the importance of price DOES matter, and rather considerably. The fact that one bank (read money shop) can charge more (or less) than its nearest competitor does not instill confidence in me as an investor. On the brighter side of things Forex does have its advantages. It is ultimately the fastest moving liquid investment in the world. You can realize a return in the amount of time it takes you to execute a sell order. There is no waiting., there is no fuss.These days it is all done at the click of a mouse (usually about 4 clicks). Having said that, though, this is exactly what makes Forex so volatile. The speed with which the market trades is breathtaking. Whole fortunes can, and often are, made (and lost) in a matter of moments. Another good thing about Forex, although one you must condition to, is the fact that there is no trading on weekends. This means that, Monday to Friday (U.K time) the world of the money brokers spins around and around. As soon as the markets close, just like the stock markets, that is it. Nothing more happens until a full 64 hours passes. As soon as trading begins there is a huge flurry of activity for half a day, taking into account all the national and international events, and then things settle down for another 4 and a half days. Another thing I like about Forex is the fact that there is very little, or no, actual insider trading knowledge. There can't be, due to the market conditions and the lack of a singular organizing body. Forex, in this respect, represents a truly global secret profit and loss equation which no one person can ever control, fathom or exploit. This, I find, unique to forex like no other market. You cannot say the same about stocks, property deals, any type of business venture or anything else. If you look hard enough, for long enough, you can always find something useful about what is going to happen next in every market, except forex.So there you have just a few of my thoughts on the forex market. For me, I like things that always pan out so forex trading just isn't my cup of tea. I am far better to find a free business system I can implement for very little, which has the prospect of huge returns, and is easy
By: Keith Roberts
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